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Mwen pa vraiment satisfè nan operation koupé tèt boulé kay la, par ce ké mwen pa wè sa utile Haïtiens yo anyin. Si sé té mwen Michel... more »
Patrick Princivil, 10/18/13 10:38 AM
mw sonjew IZOLANNNNN... more »
Marli, 10/09/13 3:42 PM
men kreyol la wi papaaaaa.... al kwel nonnnnnn.... e pa kwe vle kwellllllllllll... more »
Marli, 10/09/13 3:40 PM
Congrats lil Wayne I wish you well in school more »
Tracy, 09/16/13 11:40 AM
I wonder what people will say when a president suddenly decides to knock these things down to make the roads bigger... more »
Woody, 09/02/13 10:20 PM
Ak 2 gouden sa a mwen tap pran kek ti rroz more »
Eddy, 08/28/13 10:26 PM
Toutes mes felicitations a vous Mr Coutard et vos entourage. more »
Claude Dorce, 08/24/13 4:25 PM
This is Miss Exotika 2004. Produced by Justine Charlemagne more »
Justine, 08/24/13 1:56 AM
We must come together to congratulate Coutard. We hope that this is nothing but the beginning of another Haiti. I will invite all investors to go to Haiti and to show that they... more »
Pierre C Deshommes, 08/23/13 6:56 PM
Li telmen semblé a ganja, merci pour eclairage sa'a more »
Turenne, 08/21/13 7:39 PM