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see the date of birth and date of expire on the up and below. changed data... fake more »
David, 06/03/17 1:29 PM
Wouah!!!! really! vive Haiti. more »
Marie-altagrace Honorat, 03/19/17 10:08 AM
Rest in peace little brother, your smile will brighten heaven. more »
Jimmy, 11/21/16 11:54 AM
She is pure evil more »
Bob Jones, 11/06/16 8:04 PM
yassssss haitians in the houz????????????????????????????? more »
Frantaina, 10/19/16 9:19 AM
Bonsoir, Je suis un haïtien vivant au Mexique, j'aimerais bien avoir le courrier de l'Eglise St Anne, Port Au Prince, Haiti. parce que je voulais me marier et je... more »
Joseph Wilky Desir, 07/17/16 8:13 PM
Nice picture. That kiss may be a presidential blessing from the former president.Her dream might come true just like Hilary Clinton who married a former president and about to... more »
Deedee, 06/01/16 7:39 AM
Nice you too share such a late great man, Romel Joseph. more »
Nancy Francois, 01/19/16 10:11 AM
Kiko, 08/20/15 6:07 PM
I used to have the biggest crush on Dade more »
Dadelissa, 06/16/15 9:36 PM