Ralph Gilles - Haitian Automobile Designer

Ralph Gilles - Haitian Automobile Designer



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Ralph V. Gilles is an automobile designer born in New York City to Haitian immigrants and raised in Montreal, Quebec.

Ralph Gilles - Chrysler Group Design V.P. Jeep and Truck

No stranger to success, Ralph has penned some of the more dramatic and eye-catching designs to come out of Chrysler in many years. It's no small accident that the new Dodge Ram has a new front grille evocative of the front grille on the Dodge Chargerâ€"familiar crosshairs, forward tilt, large Ram's head. But Ralph will be the first to tell you a unique design was only half the strategy. The other half needed to include segment leading technology and clever solutions to common problems truck guys have with their truck. This melding of style with function, we're guessing, will help keep Ralph a strong player in truck design.

Photo: trucktrend.com


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