Jacques Cassagnol

Jacques Cassagnol



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Jacques Cassagnol is one of the host of Radio Mega, 1020 AM. Previously the radio station was called Radio Carnival and Jacques Cassagnol was there as well.

Jacques Cassagnol was an integral part of the Haitian Relief Efforts during the flooding in Gonaives and also in the disaster in Fonds Verrettes.

Photos courtesy of Emmanuel Ardouin (Antenne88)


Nadia Cassagnol Yes i did, i was born in New York but raised haiti i did attend sacre coeur during my Adolescent years and moved to... see more
Reply · March 10 at 10:21 PM
Nini Nadia how old r u? Did u go to Sacre Coeur?
Reply · March 09 at 10:53 PM
Nadia Cassagnol I hope all the best for Radio Mega 1020 AM, knowing my father was in integral part of the Haitian Relief Efforts... see more
Reply · February 14 at 9:28 PM