Haiti Relief Efforts Carrefour Haiti

Here are some pictures of Haiti relief efforts in Carrefour Haiti, The Haitian American Association of Filmmakers is undertaking a relief mission to open up a shelter at Carrefour, at the PVS Cultural Center located at Ecole FrA¨re Polycarpe in Waney 93.

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This school was built in 1963 by GERARD DELERME, the father film Producer/Director RAYNALD DELERME, actual President & CEO of the Haitian American Association of Filmmakers. It is a very big campus, has served the community for many years and we are looking into providing 2 meals a day, shelter, medical aid and free Haitian movie shows in the main theater to people in the area of Carrefour who are in so much need.

The Dominican Association of Filmmakers has joined our effort and is providing us with much needed support to collect and store many items necessary. "LA VISUAL SONARA" located in Santo Domingo has offered a space for collection and storing of goods that are already being donated by Dominican Filmmakers and general Dominican public. "TONIKA" has joined in the collection and "PANAMERICANA FILMS" will open 2 tents and are themselves providing many necessary good.