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Pa Rele-m Diaspora, Mwen Se Haitien

Pa Rele-m Diaspora, Mwen Se Haitien

The Haitian Diaspora Label is considered by most as an insult, Haitians in Haiti have the tendency to call Haitians abroad "Diaspora.." Do you really know what a diaspora is?

The term diaspora refers to a permanently displaced and relocated collective.

Haitians living outside of Haiti do not like to be called Diaspora , especially when they are home, in Haiti.

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RE: Pa Rele-m Diaspora, Mwen Se Haitien
Kiles ki remen non "DIASPORA" sa-a anko? Mwen-m se Haitien papa!
Ti Joe, 10/27/2013 10:48 AM - Reply