Geroges Biassou - Father Of The Haitian Revolution

Geroges Biassou - Father Of The Haitian Revolution



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In Haiti he is Georges Biassou, In the United States, he is Jorge Biassou, a Decoraged General, one of the highest ranking officers in Florida in the 1700s

Haitian General Georges Biassou being Aknowledge in St Augustine Florida

Commissioner Errol Jones got commission approval to develop a city historic marker commemorating black Haitian General Jorge Georges Biassou.

In the late 1700s, Florida's highest ranking officer.

The plan is to mount the marker on the Arrivas House, Biassou's residence while here.
But the city will need approval by the University of Florida. The state-owned property is now managed by the university
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Black History Month: Georges Biassou, Father of The Haitian Revolution, Highest Ranking Officer In Florida USA


The Truth This guy was a Wolf. He owned slaves. He drank all of his money after he moved to St. Augustine and died in a drunken... see more
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